Induction Criteria


  • The deadline is Friday, April 1, 2022 for the submission of nominations of inductees for the 2022 class.
  • Five years must have elapsed since a candidate participated in athletics on their respective teams. (High School, College or Professional)
  • Those selected, must have been a resident of Newark for at least five years, while participating. Those provisions do not apply to coaches, ad-ministrators, and representatives of those schools or organizations that do not have a residency requirement.
  • The “Performers” category – Athletes who represented Newark High Schools or were residents will be selected. Representatives selected in the “Achievers” category – Will consist of athletes from the college, professional ranks, coaches, administrators or any other individual who has distinguished himself/herself by contributing to Newark athletics.
  • Candidates are chosen for their athletic ability, participation and contributions made to sports/athletics.
  • The slate of new Inductees will be made by the Newark Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee.
  • Nominees for 2022 that are not elected, will remain on the NAHF Nomination List for (3) years. Thereafter, a period of three years must lapse before they can be re-nominated.