Induction Criteria

Nomination Criteria

  1. Five years must have elapsed since a candidate participated in athletics on their respective teams. (High School, College or Professional)
  2. Those candidates selected must have been a resident of Newark, NJ for at least five years while participating. These provisions do not apply to coaches, administrators and representatives of those schools or organizations that do not have a residency requirement.
  3. a. The “Performer Category” will be inclusive of athletes who represented Newark High schools or who were residents of Newark, NJ
    b. The “Achiever Category” will consist of athletes from college, professional ranks, coaches, administrators or any other individuals who have distinguished themselves by contributing to Newark athletics.
  4. A ballot solicited from current inductees will be considered and voted on by the Induction Committee of Newark Athletic Hall of Fame Board.
  5. Nominees not selected the first year will remain on the NAHF nomination list for three (3) years for future consideration.

Click here: NOMINATION FORM 2018 for the nomination form.  The nomination deadline is Tuesday, May 1, 2018.